Climate change and natural disasters pose a significant threat to communities around the world. Unfortunately, in the past, these communities have mainly operated in isolation from each other, reducing their ability to effectively reduce vulnerability to rising insecurities. 

The TRIPLE-C project aims to address this by achieving closer collaboration between different climate change-related initiatives carried out across the EU, contributing to strengthening the territory’s resilience to climate change and risks of natural origin.

The project focuses on analysing, evaluating, and capitalising on successful EU projects for preventing and managing risks associated with climate change. TRIPLE-C aims to disseminate and transfer best practices and results identified into policy-making. Through its platform and compendium of capitalised projects, TRIPLE-C shares best practices and results across Europe. This platform allows practitioners, local, regional, and national authorities to have access to continuous learning.

So far, the project has identified and capitalised on 259 different EU projects, from which 129 good practices have been extracted and studied in-depth. Each of the partners analysed projects in line with their skills and experience to propose documented and controlled solutions. 

In order to provide concrete answers to as many people as possible, the platform makes it possible to carry out research according to the risk incurred or according to the benefits of the project (safety, social, etc.).  Thus, a local authority can conduct a search according to a concrete local problem and an aspiration. 

The Lead Partner is Association Climatologique de la Moyenne-Garonne et du Sud-Ouest (FR) and has overall 27 partners from 14 regions. TRIPLE-C has a budget of 1.81 M euros until 2023.

Author: Marta Novara, Interreg Volunteer Youth, based on the Publication "Delivering results for the Atlantic regions"

Publish date: 2023-04-03
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