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Submit Project Ideas

Submit Project Ideas
Welcome to the Project Ideas platform where organisations share and nurture innovative ideas.

Share the goal and potential impact of your project, and let other partners discover and support your vision.

To get started:

Please register as a community member on our website.

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Once you've logged in, fill out the project idea form.

Fill out the project idea

By publishing your project idea, you open doors for collaboration and can find the right partners for your consortium.

Search for Partners

Search for potential partners
Finding the right partners is key to turning your project idea into a successful venture.

In this dedicated area, you can search and connect with potential partners for your projects.

As a registered community member, you can explore profiles of other organisations seeking partnerships. Identify those whose goals align with yours and reach out to them via email.

By leveraging the power of collaboration, you can tap into a network of expertise, resources, and shared ambitions to amplify the impact of your projects.

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Become a Partner

Become a potential partner
Are you interested in becoming a partner?

You can propose yourself as a partner in a project idea that aligns with your goals.

Begin by:

Registering as a community member on our platform.

Register on our website

Once you've logged in, complete the partner form where you can express your interest in partnering with other organizations.
Share brief information about your organization, your expertise, and what you bring to the table.

Fill out the potential partner form

By proposing yourself as a partner, you increase your chances of being discovered by organisations seeking collaborative opportunities.

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