The Portuguese newspaper Jornal Público has just published an editorial series entitled "Mudar o Atlântico em quatro vagas" (Changing the Atlantic in four waves), delving into the potential of European Atlantic regions and the challenges they face in terms of economic, social and territorial growth.

The series, which combines articles and podcasts, highlights four pivotal projects co-funded by the Interreg Atlantic Area programme, that are reshaping the future of the Atlantic regions.

  • Wave 1: Changing the Atlantic in Four Waves: Knowing the Ocean -  this article explores the mysteries of the Atlantic Ocean focusing on oceanography, with highlight to the cooperation efforts of Spain, France, Ireland and the United Kingdom, under the iFADO project, to discover their common ocean, which represents 24% of the European Atlantic region.

Podcast with Ramiro Neves, Professor and Researcher at the Center for Environmental and Marine Science and Technology at the Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa and Francisco Campuzano, Oceanographer and Researcher at the Portuguese Laboratory +ATLANTIC CoLAB.

           Podcast with Pedro Sepúlveda, Director of Climate Action and Sustainability Services at the Regional Directorate for the Environment and Climate Change of Madeira.

  • Wave 3: Changing the Atlantic in Four Waves: Innovating from Sea to Plate -  the focus is the intersection of innovation and sustainability in the Atlantic's food industry. From aquaculture advancements to sustainable fishing practices, this article sheds light on initiatives that promise a more environmentally friendly and resilient approach to seafood production, with SAFER project.

           Podcast with Marco Ferreira, Director of Operations and Quality at Conservas Pinhais.

           Podcast with Francisco Taveira Pinto, Director of the Civil Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.

The Interreg Atlantic Area Programme supports and drives positive change in European Atlantic regions. This four-wave initiative represents the tangible results of this programme's commitment to improving the Atlantic Area through transnational cooperation.

Publish date: 2023-11-24
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