Plastic circularity through an efficient detection, collection, and valorization into Hydrogen and value-added products

Blue and Green environment
Blue and Green environment
Blue and Green environment
Total budget
Total budget
1,92 M€
ERDF funding
ERDF funding
1,44 M€
Lead Partner
Lead partner
Universidade de Cantabria (Cantabria, ES)
01.11.2023 — 31.10.2026
PLAST4H2 is on a mission to tackle plastic pollution in the Atlantic Area by focusing on circularity and sustainability. Partners want to turn plastic waste into valuable products, such as hydrogen, and encourage people to make eco-friendly lifestyle choices. The project brings together a group of people and organizations using a four-part approach.


In the first part, they're figuring out the extent of ocean pollution, creating tools to detect it, mapping how litter moves in the water, and testing an advanced system to collect plastic using a special boat. The second part involves showing off new and creative ways to turn plastic into useful things like hydrogen, energy, and eco-friendly plastics. The third part is all about making sure these processes are sustainable and spreading awareness about the benefits. They plan to demonstrate their solutions through four pilot projects, reaching thousands of people.

PLAST4H2 wants to make its technologies available to everyone involved, including decision-makers. They're determined to promote green practices in the Atlantic region and play a part in protecting our oceans and building a sustainable future for everyone.

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  • I Clean My Sea (Aquitaine, FR)
  • Innoceana (Canarias, ES)
  • Alister Future Technologies (Aft) Ltd (Eastern and Midland, IE)
  • Medio Ambiente, Agua, Residuos y Energía de Cantabria (Cantabria, ES)
  • Instituto Superior Técnico (Lisboa, PT)
  • Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest (Southern, IE)

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Associated partners:

  • Repak Ltd (Eastern and Midland, IE)
  • Syndicat Mixte Kosta Garbia (Aquitaine, FR)
  • Centro Interdisciplinar de Investigação Marinha e Ambiental (Norte, PT)
  • Région Nouvelle Aquitaine (Aquitaine, FR)
  • Gobierno de Canarias (Canarias, ES)
  • Gobierno de Cantabria (Cantabria, ES)
Lead partnerLead partner
Associated partnersAssociated partners
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