Hybrid solutions for Renewable Energy Systems: achieving net-zero Atlantic area energy consumers & communities

Blue and Green environment
Blue and Green environment
Blue and Green environment
Total budget
Total budget
3,20 M€
ERDF funding
ERDF funding
2,40 M€
Lead Partner
Lead partner
Trinity College Dublin (Eastern and Midland, IE)
01.12.2023 — 30.11.2026

HY4RES is working on creating new technology that uses renewable energy sources, like wind and solar power, along with smart data systems to help communities in the Atlantic Area become more energy-efficient. The main challenge they are tackling is how to use more renewable energy in different regions by coming up with smart ways to store and manage it.

The project will focus on developing advanced systems that combine different renewable energy sources, like wind, solar, and hydropower, and store that energy for when it's needed. They also plan to create affordable and eco-friendly power systems. Another important part of the project is to build intelligent software that uses sensors, big data analysis, and artificial intelligence to better manage and predict how different renewable energy sources work together in a hybrid system.

The goal is to help local communities and industries, like agriculture, aquaculture, and ports, to benefit from using more renewable energy and becoming more self-sufficient. This way, HY4RES can contribute to reducing their carbon footprint and move towards using more sustainable energy sources.

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  • Easy Hydro Ltd (Eastern and Midland, IE)
  • Universidad de Córdoba (Andalucía, ES)
  • Asociación Feragua de Comunidades de Regantes de Andalucía (Andalucía, ES)
  • Instituto Superior Técnico (Lisboa, PT)
  • Universidad de Oviedo (Principado de Asturias, ES)
  • Association des Chambres d'Agriculture de l'Arc Atantique (Pays de la Loire, FR)
  • Vertigo Lab (Aquitaine, FR)
  • Ignac Gazur, Unipessoal, Lda. (Centro, PT)

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Associated partners:

  • Comunidad de Regantes del Valle Inferior del Guadalquivir (Andalucía, ES)
  • Irish Fish Producers Organisation (Northern and Western, IE)
  • Autoridad Portuaria de Avilés (Principado de Asturias, ES)
  • Munícipio de Castanheira de Pera (Centro, PT)
Lead partnerLead partner
Associated partnersAssociated partners
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