Call 1 - 2016 - Stage 2

• The second stage of the first call for proposals was held from the 31st of October 2016 to the 11th of January 2017. In total 102 Expression of Interest (EOI) have been approved in stage 1.
• Based on the eligibility check and quality assessment of the full application made by the Joint Secretariat, the Monitoring Committee will make decisions on the proposals
• Projects should be developed according to the type of actions the Programme wants to support and will have to be focused on delivering transnational, tangible and sustainable results and territorial and economic impact across the Atlantic Area.
• To prepare your application, please download and read carefully the supporting documents available in the relevant section.
● 31st of October 2016 to 11th January 2017: Submission of full applications
● Beginning of May: Approval of full project applications
● Third and fourth quarter 2017: Contracting and start of projects
• Only successful Expressions of interest (EOI) at stage 1 may apply for the second phase of the first call for projects. Only the lead partners may submit the corresponding full project application.
• Applicants are invited to submit their proposal through an online application form available on Applications.
Approval of EOI at stage 1 does not guarantee approval at stage 2.
• In Stage 2: You can choose to add one or several partners but the Project leader cannot be changed.
• One key factor for high quality projects is the mobilization of key players, with a full range of relevant stakeholders and a well-balanced involvement of regions and a good geographical spread across the Atlantic Area.
• Project partners must be located within the eligible territory of the Atlantic Area regions. However, organisations based outside the cooperation area in the EU or third countries can participate if the benefit for regions in the cooperation area is demonstrated.
• Please take into account the requirements/recommendations that have been sent by the Joint Secretariat to improve your proposal.
• To apply you must submit a full application trough the online application form, available on section “Applications” before the deadline.
You need to be registered as Atlantic Area community member and logged in, then click on Member Area.
• Please use the same login used to submit your EOI at the first Stage. If you want to use a new one, please inform us in advance.
• In the “Applications” section click on the Apply command and start filling-in the form. You can use the copy/paste option. Data can be saved at any time, then you can continue the completion of the form (note: we recommend saving your form regularly to avoid any data loss).
• Your application will be available in the “Applications” section and in your “profile” (top right hand side, click on your name).
• Once your full application is ready and errors free, you have to submit it before the call deadline through the “Submit” button. If your application has no error, you will receive an Email confirming the good reception and submission. Please note that you can verify at any moment if there are errors through the button “Validate”.
• After submitting the full application you are still able to modify it until the call deadline. Every time you make changes you must resubmit your application, errors free, through the “Submit” button.
• You are able at any time open and consult your proposal as well as its status in the application process.
• In order to avoid online application system overloading, we strongly advise you to submit applications well ahead of the deadline.

Please be aware that the Joint Secretariat will answer only questions related to technical issues (e.g. form completion) during this period.

Please use one of the following browsers to Apply: Google Chrome or Firefox