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Atlantic risk management plan in water and soil

Call 2016
Priority 3. Strengthening the territory's resilience to risks of natural, climate and human origin
Objective 3.1. Strenthening risks management systems

Lead partner:

Association Climatologique de la Moyenne-Garonne et du Sud-Ouest
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ERDF funding 1.387.019,52 €
Total budget 1.849.359,36 €
Duration 2017-05-31 - 2019-11-28


The Atlantic Area presents high exposure to climate change. Increased intensity and frequency of storms, drought and flooding, altered hydrological cycles and precipitation variability have implications for the agriculture sector.
The RISKAQUASOIL project aims to develop a comprehensive management plan for risks in soil and in water to improve the resilience of the Atlantic rural areas. Through transnational cooperation, the project will contribute to a better coordination for the detection, risk management and rehabilitation for rural territories (maritime and land areas), especially for agricultural purposes, mainly associated to climate change and natural hazards but also to human pressure.
Project partners will fight the adverse effects of the climate change, especially on agricultural lands. This integral plan will entail three stages linked to the three specific objectives: (i) early warning and diagnosis: testing new low-cost remote techniques to measure and forecast the local impact of different meteorological phenomena; (ii) implementation and adaptation: developing several pilot actions in agricultural lands that will permit a better soil and water management taking in to account the risks associated to climate change; (iii) capacity building and dissemination: training and commitment of local communities and farmers for an increasing capacity building, information and cooperation in risk management and damage compensation systems.

Project website: https://www.riskaquasoil.eu/

Partner Location
1 Association Climatologique de la Moyenne-Garonne et du Sud-Ouest Aquitaine (FR)
2 Chambre d'Agriculture de la Dordogne Aquitaine (FR)
3 Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas Madrid (ES)
4 Agencia de Medio Ambiente y Agua de Andalucía Andalucia (Huelva, Cádiz and Sevilla) (ES)
5 Westcountry Rivers Trust Cornwall and Isles of Scilly (UK)
6 ADRAVE – Agência de Desenvolvimento Regional do Vale do Ave Norte (PT)
7 Centro de Estudos Sociais- Universidade de Coimbra Centro (PT)
8 National University of Ireland, Galway Border, Midland and Western (IE)
9 Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente Centro (PT)
10 Conseil Régional Nouvelle-Aquitaine Aquitaine (FR)
11 Rivers Trust Cornwall and Isles of Scilly (UK)
12 Syndicat Mixte Ouvert EPIDROPT Aquitaine (FR)
13 Teagasc – Agriculture and Food Development Authority Border, Midland and Western (IE)
14 Caja Mar Caja Rural Almería (ES)
15 Agencia Estatal de Meteorología Madrid (ES)
16 Laboratório da Paisagem Norte (PT)
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