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This area collects deliverables to share the wealth of knowledge, experience and good practices of the Atlantic Area projects. To learn more about these projects visit their website.


You can also read the Publication "Delivering results for the Atlantic regions" launched in December 2022, presenting the 71 funded projects and their main results.



3DPARE – Artificial reef 3D printing for Atlantic Area

Printing of the 3D artificial reefs (2020)


Impresora 3D, proyecto 3DPARE (2020)

Reef deployment Bournemouth

ALICE – Improving the management of Atlantic landscapes: accounting for biodiversity and ecosystem services

Case studies:

Spain – Pas, Miera and Ason river bassins

France – Couesnon river

Northern Ireland - Carlingford Lough

Portugal – Paiva river


Can UAVs fill the gap between in situ surveys and satellites for habitat mapping? (2020)

Towards globally customizable ecosystem service models (2019)

Mapping potential, existing and efficient wetlands using free remote sensing data  (2019)

Modelling riparian forest distribution and composition to entire river networks (2019)


ALICE in France, Rennes – Sylvie Le Roy Interview: A look over Couesnon Watershed main issues (2020)

Stakeholders Workshop II – Portuguese Case Study (2020)

Success Stories:

Riparian Buffers in Monte Corona, Cantabria, Spain (2020)

Prescribed burning: a pilot project in Cantabria, Spain (2020)

The Híjar: a river disconnected from its floodplain in Reinosa, Spain (2020)

Stakeholders Workshop I – Portuguese Case Study (2019)


cultural heritage inspired by designated

land and seascapes in the Atlantic Area

1 Atlantic Area Route

Joint Action Plan for Intangible Cultural Heritage Tourism Development in the Atlantic Area   

7 Training programmes 

Over 50 fully trained ICH entrepreneurs with a sustainable ICH Tourism Experience

ATLANTICGEOPARKS - Transnational promotion and cooperation of the Atlantic Geoparks for sustainable development

The European Atlantic Geotourism Route

Geopark Management Toolkit


Trailer Atlantic Geopark  (2019)

Atlantic Geopark (2019)

ATLANTICONBIKE – The EuroVelo 1, a unique cycling-tourism destination for a green growth

EuroVelo1 - Maps & Guides

Youtube Atlantic Coast Route

National websites: Ireland | France | Spain | Spain Touristic Parks | Portugal

ATLANTIC-POSITIVE - Conservation of

Atlantic pollination services and control

of the invasive species Vespa velutina

1 International Open Congress

4 Training sessions

1 Strategic Atlantic Plan

ATLASWH - Heritage in the Atlantic Area: Sustainability of the Urban World Heritage Sites

Management and Sustainability Plans for 5 World Heritage Sites (Bordeaux, Porto, Florence, Santiago de Comspotela, Edinburgh)


CABFISHMAN - Conserving Atlantic biodiversity by supporting innovative small scale fisheries co-management

Alternative methods for the effective monitoring of the Small-Scale Fisheries in the Atlantic Area (2021)

CAPITEN – Atlantic cluster for the technology and economic innovation in nautical sector


El Capiten Project in Mid and East Antrim (2019)

Ecological surf port – Ad Elo (2019)

Antifouling chemical products for the marine leisure industry

CLEANATLANTIC – Tackling marine litter in the Atlantic Area


Monitoring the presence of marine litter in the marine environment: potential of remote sensing  (2019)

Review of Economic Sectors Impacted by Marine Litter in the Atlantic Area (2019)

Scientific publications:

Ingestion of plastic debris (macro and micro) by longnose lancetfish in the North Atlantic Ocean (2020)

Dynamics of floating marine debris in the northern Iberian waters: a model approach (2019)

Awareness raising materials:

Marine Litter Interactive Educational Stand (2020)

Top ten items in beach litter (2019)


Protecting the health of our seas EN ES (2020)

The CleanAtlantic project and the marine litter environmental threat (2018) In English | In Spanish

“Bastidores da Ciência” – Ep. 6 com Claudio Cardoso (2018)

COCKLES - Co-operation for restoring cockle shellfisheries and its ecosystem-services in the Atlantic Area

GIS viewer: COCKLES Viewer (

The Census book "Catalogue of parasites and diseases of the common cockles", March 2021

Scientific communications 



Cockles project (2020)

The hidden treasure of the Atlantic (2019)

DIADES - Assessing and enhancing ecosystem services provided by diadromous fish in a climate  change context

EuroDiad 4.0 User’s Guide (2020)

Youtube channel

1 Interactive Web Atlas

1 Serious Game of a role-playing form

EEB - European Marine Biological Resource Centre Biobank


Advances and uncertainties in compliance measures for users from the Nagoya Protocal in the European Union (2020)

Comparative study on cellular and molecular responses in oyster sperm revealed different susceptibilities to cryopreservation (2020)

Book chapters:

Challenges face by developing countries for access to marine genetic resources and benefit sharing (2020)

Desafíos de los países en desarrollo en el acceso y el reparto de beneficios derivados de la utilización de los recursos genéticos marinos (2020)


Utilización de recursos genéticos y Protocolo de Nagoya: marco legal y casos practicos de aplicación en el ámbito marino (2020)

Fostering development of micro-algalbased industries: legal and practical aspects (2019)

Workshop in Brest: MGRs for commercial research and development / Best practice guidelines for access and benefit sharing (ABS) (2018)

Video: EEB presentation (2020)

JONAS - Joint framework for Ocean noise

in the Atlantic seas

Online Virtual Research Environment (VRE) platform for noise visualisation

PAM2py Acoustic analysis software tool

Sound Maps and Risk maps

MMIAH - Recover and valorization of maritime, military and industrial heritage of the Atlantic Area coast

White Paper: A best practice guide to inform heritage regeneration within the European region (2021)

Inventory of the military, maritime and industrial heritage

MONITOOL - New tools for monitoring the chemical status in transitional and coastal waters under the Water Framework Directive

Scientific papers :

Inputs of Total and Labile Dissolved Metals from Six Facilities Continuously Discharging Treated Wastewaters to the Marine Environment of Gran Canaria Island (2021)

Concurrent sampling of transitional and coastal waters by Diffusive Gradient in Thin-films (2021)

Assessing variability in the ratio of metal concentrations measured by DGT-type passive samplers and spot sampling in European seawaters (2021)

High Frequency Measurement of Metals: Steps Towards the Acceptance of Passive Samplers for Regulatory Monitoring (2020)

Metals concentrations in transitional and coastal waters by ICPMS and voltammetry analysis of spot samples and passive samplers (DGT) (2022)

Good practice guide for the Use of DGTs:

Sampling of metals in transitional and coastal waters by Diffusive Gradient in Thin films (DGT) technique (2021)

Technical articles:

Monitool, a commitment to passive sampling methods to assess the environmental health of European waters (2018)

Monitool, una apuesta por los muestreadores pasivos para evaluar la salud de las aguas europeas (2018)

Scientific dissemination

Scientific posters:


MONITOOL project presentation

How to use DGT passive samplers for metals? 

MONITOOL project results video

Final Conference

Project results

MOSES - Marine, Ocean Sector and Ecosystem Sustainability: Fostering Blue Growth in Atlantic Industries

Study: Operational instrument based on indices to assess the marine sectors activities’ direct impact on the marine environment (2018)

Database: European Atlantic Marine industry trend database


Data gathering and compilation of indicators for the assessment of the vulnerability of marine and coastal ecosystems (2019)

Data processing and construction of synthetic index for the assessment of the vulnerability of marine and coastal ecosystems (2019)

OCEANWISE - Wise reduction of EPS marine litter in the North-East Atlantic Ocean

Stakeholders Platform get involved

Video: Ocean’s calling. answer it

TIDE - Atlantic network for developing

historical maritime tourism

Good practice Map of successful regional cases

TRAILGAZERSBID - An analytical &

technical framework to measure returns

from trail investment

8 Atlantic trail sites

8 Destination Management Plans

2 Best Practice Toolkits: A Virtual Tourism Best Practice Toolkit and a KPI Toolkit for Trails

Lost Stories App (an interactive consumer facing app, which will preserve the folklore from each pilot trail for future generations to enjoy)

4 academic papers:

  • Methodological guide for trail multiplier: quantifying the direct and indirect economic impacts on local economies of every euro spent in trails (University of Algarve)
  • Trail Gazers: A Scoping Study of Footfall Sensors to Aid Tourist Trail Management in Ireland and Other Atlantic Areas of Europe (University of Ulster)
  • The economic impact of recreational trails: a systematic literature review (University of Algarve)
  • Report of investments in project pilot trails, located in eight regions across Atlantic area (University of Algarve)

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