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This area collects deliverables to share the wealth of knowledge, experience and good practices of the Atlantic Area projects. To learn more about these projects visit their website.

You can also read the Publication "Delivering results for the Atlantic regions" launched in December 2022, presenting the 71 funded projects and their main results.



AA-FLOODS - Enhanced prevention,

warning, coordination and emergency

management tools for floods at local scales


Modelizacion tramos fluviales

Floods prevention - Analysis of UK policies against flood risk (2020)

Field work for the deployment of Pilot2 Sensors (2019)

Working Group :CaBA Flood NFM monitoring: how to estimate storage, roughness and losses (2020)

Video: Pilot 2: Sesor mesh deployment, field work for the exact location and operative (2019)

AGEO - Platform for Atlantic Geohazard

Risk Management

Not available yet

AGRITOX - Prevention and mitigation of the

mycotoxin contamination of food and feed

caused by climate change

Scientific publications:

Occurrence of mycotoxins in fish feed and its effects: a review (2020)

Detoxification agents based on magnetic nanostructured particles as a novel strategy for mycotoxin mitigation in food (2019)

Comparative in vitro assessment of a range of commercial feed additives with multiple mycotoxin binding claims (2019)

First report of Fusarium foetens as a mycotoxin producer (2019)

MyCOAST – Coordinated Atlantic coastal operational oceanographic observatory

Hackaton on Big Data & Analytics (2020)

Research articles:

Operational Modeling Capacity in European Seas – An EuroGOOS Perspective and Recommandations for Improvement (2020)

Quality Assessment and Practical Interpretation of the Wave Parameters Estimated by HF Radars in NW Spain (2020)

Video: Ejercicio de despliegue de equipos contra la contaminacion marina (2018)

NANOCULTURE - Risk assessment and

mitigation of the presence of engineered

Nanomaterials in Atlantic aquaculture

Not available yet

PRIMROSE – Predicting the impact of regional scale events on the Aquaculture sector



Scientific publications:

Suitability of two areas of the Basque coast to sustain shellfish aquaculture according to both the presence of potentially toxic phytoplankton and the biotoxins (2020)

Mesoscale Dynamics and Niche Segregation of Two Dinopysis Species in Galician-Portuguese Coastal Waters (2019)

Dinophysis Species and Diarrhetic Shellfish Toxins: 20 Years of Monitoring Program in Andalusia, South of Spain (2019)

Scaling Up From Regional Case Studies to a Global Harmful Algal Bloom Observing System (2019)

Evolving and Sustaining Ocean Best Practices and Standards for the Next Decade (2019)

Early Warning Systems for Shellfish Safety: The Pivotal Role of Computational Science (2019)

Variability of Amnesic Shellfish Toxin and Pseudo-nitzschia occurrence in bivalve molluscs and water samples: Analysis of ten years of the official control (2019)

Fine scale physical-biological interactions during a shift from relaxation to upwelling with a focus on Dinophysis acuminata and its potential ciliate prey (2019)

RISKAQUASOIL – Atlantic risk management plan in water and soil

Research papers:

Monitorização de cursos de água em cenário de pós-incêndio: Lições do projeto Risk AquaSoil (2019)

The role of media between expert and lay knowledge: A study of Iberian media coverage on climate change (2019)

(Re)pensar a comunicação das alterações climáticas nos media (2019)

Post-wildfire denudation assessed from compositional features  of river sediments (Central Portugal) 2020

Assessment of superficial water quality of small catchment basins affected by Portuguese rural fires of 2017 (2020)

SIRMA - Strengthening infrastructure risk

management in the Atlantic Area

Scientific publications:

Robust linear and nonlinear structural damage detection using recursive canonical correlation analysis (2020)

Real time structural modal identification using recursive canonical correlation analysis and application towards online structural damage detection (2020)

TRIPLE-C - Capitalising climate change

projects in risk management for a better

Atlantic Area resilience

Not available yet

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