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This area collects deliverables to share the wealth of knowledge, experience and good practices of the Atlantic Area projects. To learn more about these projects visit their website.

You can also read the Publication "Delivering results for the Atlantic regions" launched in December 2022, presenting the 71 funded projects and their main results.



ARCWIND – Adaptation and implementation of floating wind energy conversion technology for the Atlantic region

Video: Test of an innovative floating wind energy platform

Scientific papers:

Reliability prediction of an offshore wind turbine gearbox (2019)

Review of Condition-Based Maintenance Strategies for Offshore Wind Energy (2019)

The Potential of Advanced Scatterometer (ASCAT) 12.5 km Coastal Observations for Offshore Wind Farm Site Selection in Irish Waters (2019)

Pathways to bring the costs down of floating offshore wind farms in the Atlantic Area (2019)

Using sentinel-1A SAR wind retrievals for enhancing scatterometer and radiometer regional wind analyses (2018)

A 33-year hindcast on wave energy assessment in the western French coast (2018)

Influence of Size on the Economic Feasibility of Floating Offshore Wind Farms (2018)

Book chapters:

Reliability Analysis of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines Support Structure using Hierarchical Bayesian Network (2019)

Reliability prediction of bearings of an offshore wind turbine gearbox (2019)

Economic aspects of an offshore wind farm located in Cantabria (North of Spain) (2019)

Site selection process for floating offshore wind farms in Madeira Islands (2019)

Wave height error estimation with the triple collocation method for the Canary Islands (2019)

Assessment of the wave spectral characteristics in the Portuguese test zone (2019)

Assessment of long-term extreme response of a floating support structure using the environmental contour method (2019)

Estimating the offshore wind energy along the Portuguese coast using WRF and satellite data (2019)

Weighting the influencing factors on offshore wind farms availability (2019)

BLUEPORTS – Discharge polluted water in port, not at sea

Report: Working group on ballast and other ship vectors (2018)

Demonstration: Ballast water treatment demonstrations (2019)

Video: Demonstrating new technologies for ballast water management in Portuguese ports (2020)

BLUE-GIFT - Blue growth and innovation fast


Test of a hydrokinetic turbine in one of the test sites of the project (2020)

1 collaborative network of Marine Renewable Energy Test Sites across the Atlantic Area

8 Technology Demonstrations

24,000 hours of operations in real sea environments 

Help susutain 30 jobs in the region

Work with over 20 SMEs

CIRCULARSEAS - Turning ocean plastic waste

into green products for maritime industries

Poster “Turning ocean plastic waste into green products for maritime industries” presented at RESIM2020 (International Conference on Advanced Research on Sustainable Intelligent Manufacturing), on 04-05/06/2020, Marinha-Grande, Portugal (Virtual Conference).

Poster “Turning ocean plastic waste into 3D printed thermoplastic molds for boats and for other green maritime devices” in ICDDMAP (International Conference on Direct Digital Manufacturing and Polymers) on 20-22/05/2021.

Technical / Scientific publications:

Diagnosis Report on Circular Plastic Waste for Maritime Industries in Atlantic Area (December 2020)

Conference Article “3D printing as an enabling technology to implement maritime plastic Circular Economy” published in “Procedia Manufacturing Vol. 51”, in the frame of FAIM2021 (30th International Conference on Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing), November 2020 / June 2021.

Scientific Article “Integrated User-Oriented Service for 3D Printing Environments with Recycled Material from Maritime Plastic Waste” in the Journal “Applied Sciences”, Q2 JCR, in April 2021.

Scientific Article  “Graph Neural Networks Using Local Descriptions in Attributed Graphs: An Application to Symbol Recognition and Hand Written Character Recognition” published in the Journal “IEEE Access”, in July 2021.


Conference Article “Arquitectura de servicio de impresión 3D para apoyar estrategias de Economía Circular alrededor del reciclaje de plástico en el entorno marítimo-portuario” published in the frame of the Spanish Conference “XLII Jornadas de Automática” (JJAA2021), in Castellón (Spain), on 1-3/09/2021.


Poster “Arquitectura de servicio de impresión 3D para apoyar estrategias de Economía Circular alrededor del reciclaje de plástico en el entorno marítimo-portuario” presented in the frame of the Spanish Conference “XLII Jornadas de Automática” (JJAA2021), in Castellón (Spain), on 1-3/09/2021.


Poster “Plastic Waste Diagnosis in Ondarroa Node and Recycling of Polyamide Nets for 3D-Printing” presented within the International Conference “I International Seminar on Plastics Recycling”, in Valencia (Spain), on 1-2/12/2021.


Portfolio of Business Cases (December 2021). It presents in details the selected Business Case / Green Product in each Node that have been defined, based on the needs from the 3 target Maritime Industries.

DURABLE - Maintenance drones and robots

to enhance renewable energy systems in the

Atlantic Area


Technology Catalogue (2020)

Maintenance drones and robots to enhance renewable energy systems in the Atlantic Area (2020)

Navigation & surveillance (2020)

Maintenance & repair (2020)

EERES4WATER  - Promoting energy-water

nexus resource efficiency through renewable

energy and energy efficiency

Technical reports on the assessment of key innovations concerning direct use of RES and energy efficiency:

Advanced SWRO desalination plants based on hybrid tidal range/solar PV systems: Preliminary design (2019)

Advanced SWRO desalination plants based on hybrid tidal range/solar PV systems: An assessment (2019)

Future prospects of reducing specific energy consumption in SeaWater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) desalination plants (2019)

Improving the performance of reverse osmosis desalination process with pressure retarded osmosis (2019)

Electrodialysis-Reverse Electrodialysis (ED-RED) Battery (2019)

Video: What is the main goal of the EERES4WATER project? (2019)

GEOATLANTIC – Boosting local ecosystems for the use of geothermal energy in the communities

Analysis of the good practices:

Identification of technologies with potential for the Atlantic Area (2018)

Outline of local training schemes in geothermal technologies - Capacity building (2018)

Geothermal legislation in Galicia (2017)

Case studies:

Ground source heat pumps in commercial buildings: the Islay Hotel, Port Ellen, Isle of Islay, Scotland (2019)

Ground source heat pumps in community buildings: Dunaverty Hall, Southend, Kintyre, Scotland (2019)


L’énergie géothermique (FR) | La energia geotermica (ES) | A energia geotermica (PT) | Geothermal energy (EN) (2020)

HYLANTIC – Atlantic network for renewable generation and supply of hydrogen to promote high energy efficiency

Video: Obtener hidrógeneo en la región Atlántica

Scientific Publications

INTEGRATE – Integrate Aquaculture: an eco-innovative solution to foster sustainability in the Atlantic Area

Final event (2020)

Training materials

Youtube channel

Pilot action leaflets:

Pilot action 1 – Testing new eco-friendly technologies and high-value species applied to IMTA

Pilot action 2 – Near-shore eco-friendly IMTA developments of the system porphyra-oysters

Pilot action 3 – Eco-friendly standard IMTA model for land-based semi-extensive aquaculture

Integrate interviews to project partners:

Rui Pereira (ALGAplus) | Pierre Eyrolles (Agrocampus Ouest) | Amir Neori (University of Haifa) | Adam Hughes (SAMS) | Xinhua Yuan (FAO) | Jessica Ratcliff (NUIG) | Lars Brunner (SAMS) | Erik-Jan Malta (CTAQUA)

MONITOR – Multi-model Investigation of tidal energy converter reliability


Capitalization of previous project outputs (2020)

MONITOR Developer Forum 1 Report (2020)

Multi-model Analysis of Tidal Turbine Reliability (2019)

Influence of Turbulence Conditions on Different Scaled Turbines (2019)

Scientific papers:

Comparison of synthetic turbulence approaches for blade element momentum theory prediction of tidal turbine performance and loads (2020)

NASPA – Natural fungicides against air and soil borne pathogens in the Atlantic Area

Research articles:

Production of bio-fertilizer from Ascophyllum nodosum and Sargassum muticum (Phaeophyceae) (2019)

Effects of “sargaço” extraction residues on seed germination (2019)

Publication on results of NASPA study on the use of seaweed and applications in biocontrol (2019)

NEPTUNUS - Water-Energy-Seafood nexus:

eco-innovation and circular economy strategies

in the Atlantic Area

Publication: Addressing challenges and opportunities of the European seafood sector under a circular economy framework (2020)

PORTOS - Ports towards energy


Reports on OpenPorts exhibitions:

Port of Vigo (2020)

Port of Leixoes (2019)

Report on OpenLabs at Universities and R&D Institutions:

University College Cork (2020)

University of Oviedo (2020)

University of Santiago de Compostela (2020)

REDAWN – Reducing energy dependency in Atlantic Area water networks

Pilot sites:

Using hydropower to supply a family home in Portugal

Drinking water networks in France

Processing industry in Portugal

Irrigation in Andalucia

Online course: MHP energy recovery and control in water networks


Innovative technology: Energy booster technology

Map: Potential for energy recovery in Atlantic Area


SEAFUEL – Sustainable integration of renewable fuels in local transportation


Case study:

The Orkney Hydrogen Economic Strategy

The Aberdeen Hydrogen Bus Project

Scientific contributions:

Pre-trial studies. Examination of the existing transport in each of the special regions: Arainn, Tenerife and Madeira (2020)

Electrolysis of low-grade and saline surface water (2020)

Public perceptions of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on the Island of Tenerife(2020)

Public preferences for the use of Alternative Fuel Vehicles – a literature revie (2019)

Report: Current hydrogen policy framework (2019)


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