Project Results


This area collects deliverables to share the wealth of knowledge, experience and good practices of the Atlantic Area projects. To learn more about these projects visit their website.

You can also read the Publication "Delivering results for the Atlantic regions" launched in December 2022, presenting the 71 funded projects and their main results.



4HCREAT – Quadruple helix to stimulate innovation in the Atlantic cultural and creative SMEs

Policy Toolkit:

Boost Cultural and Creative Industries in your Region a Policy Tool Kit (2020)


Cultural and creative industries and knowledge production (2020)

End-user engagement workshops at Limerick institute of Technology, Clonmel, Ireland (2019)

Cultural and creative industries in the Atlantic Area: Mapping composite report (2018)

Survey report on the identification of R&D trends and needs for Atlantic Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) towards Generation Z habits and demands (2018)

Mapping de las industrias culturales y creativas de Andalucia (2017-2018)

Identificacion de nuevos publicos destinarios/ nuevos nichos de audiencia (2018)

Training material (videos):

Welcome trainers (2018) | Module 1 - Part 1 Creativity and innovation (2018) | Module 1 - Part 2 Helix Models, an overview (2018)


End-user engagement workshops organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Seville (2019-2020)

End-user engagement workshop in Limerick (2019)

Series of Podcasts #Let'sFosterInnovation:

ACCESS2SEA - New opportunities for more competitive and sustainable blue growth in Atlantic Area 

Ocean Hackathon 2021 San Fernando

Access2sea Opportunities Map (Marine Spatial Planning)

Lumpfish Welfare Watcher (Social Acceptability)

5 Pilot projects implemented

ADSA - Supporting Atlantic digital startups to go international

Guide of Best Practices to support Digital Strat-Ups

Case Studies: iFactory West | CESEAND SCALE-UP | RYME+ | Restart Project | La Cantine

Training for start-ups:

Identification of startups and preparation of training packages and direct support mechanisms (2020)

ADSA Bootcamp - Technical-Pedagogical report (2019)

Events: Webinars - How to support digital startups building their value proposition?

Youtube channel

AHFES - Atlantic Area healthy food ecosystem for growth of SMEs


Market analysis: innovation trends and market opportunities (2020)

Analysis of current trends and best practices on H4 cooperation for innovation and growth in the Atlantic Area (2019)

Video: AHFES, Proyecto europeo liderado por Clusaga (2019)

ALERTOXNET - Atlantic Area network for introduction of innovative toxicity alert

systems for safer seafood products

Catalogue of Methods and Procedures on toxin detection (2019)

Setting up of the Alertox-net Exchange Network

Development of a TaqMan qPCR assay for detection of Alexandrium spp and application to harmful algal bloom monitoring (2019)

LC–MS/MS Analysis of the Emerging Toxin Pinnatoxin-G and High Levels of Esterified OA Group Toxins in Galician Commercial Mussels (2019)

Rapid analysis of paralytic shellfish toxins and tetrodotoxins by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectometry using a porous graphitic carbon column (2018)

GST transcriptional changes induced by a toxic Microcystis aeruginosa strain in two bivalve species during exposure and recovery phases (2018)

New Invasive Nemertean Species (Cephalothrix Simula) in England with High Levels of Tetrodotoxin and a Microbiome Linked to Toxin Metabolism (2018)

Prorocentrolide-A from Cultured Prorocentrum lima Dinoflagellates Collected in Japan Blocks Sub-Types of Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors (2018)

ATLANTICFOODEXPORT – Business cooperation

to increase Atlantic food products exports


AtlanticFoodExport at Biofach 2020, Nuremberg (2020)


What is the Food Export Project? (2019)

Youtube channel

ATLANTICKETMED – Establishing a

transnational advanced pilot manufacturing

ecosystem for future biomedical products


Heat map - Organizes Medical Device and Med Tech sectors companies into elements of a region spanning value chain (2018)

Technical resources for participating companies


Health Economic Webinar (2019)

Innovation for High-Tech Businesses (2019)

ATLANTICSOCIALLAB – Atlantic cooperation

for the promotion of social innovation

Observatory Website: Atlantic Social Innovation Observatory


Social innovation pilot actions in the Atlantic Area – A proposal for monitoring impacts (2020)

Benchmarking - Good practice in Social Innovation (2020)

Atlantic Social Innovation Mapping - A Multilevel Perspective (2018)


Atlantic Social Lab – Green inclusive and circular economy technology project (2019)

Animation Video Promoting Civic Engagement in Cork (Ireland)

Projecto Atlantic Social Lab (in Portuguese) (2019)

AT-VIRTUAL - Open innovation to improve

response in maritime security and safety

in the Atlantic Area

1 Maritime Safety Training Centres diagnosis tool

3 calls for innovative solutions

AYCH – Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs

Creative Spaces: Lugopenfactory | AYCH Platform | AYCH Creative Jams | AYCH Residencies

AYCH Wiki - bringing together all the educational and entrepreneurial methodologies of AYCH

BEHANCE - social network for the capitalization of products, events and young people

AYCH Ambassadors

AYCH Oceans

Virtual Reality in Plymouth City County

Youtube channel

BLUEHUMAN – Blue biotechnology as a road for innovation on human’s health aiming smart growth in Atlantic Area


Project presentation

Hydrogels based in jellyfish collagen for cartilage therapies

Medical devices: Calcium phosphate from fish bones and their applications

BODAH - Big and Open Data for the

development of new processes towards

Atlantic heritage management

Not available yet
CEPHS&CHEFS – Octopus, squid, cuttlefish, sustainable fisheries and chefs

1 Recipe Book (octopus, squid & cuttlefish, in 4 languages)

1 Sustainabilty Toolkit and roadmap for sustainability in fished species

1 Webtool (searchable tool to obtain specific information on cephalopod consumption habits, catch, trade and consumption)

Videos with recipes

CONSORTEX – European Internationalisation Maritime Consortium

Publication: Economic sector and territories diagnosis

Constitution of international consortium to access opportunities as part of an export consortium

DAIRY4FUTURE – Propagating innovations for more resilient dairy farming in the Atlantic Area

Pilot farms

Youtube channel

Souncloud page: Listen to Dairy4Future

EMPORIA4KT - Empower academia for

knowledge transfer for value creation in

the Atlantic Area

Bootcamps: International bootcamp | Portugal bootcamp | Spain bootcamp | France bootcamp | Ireland bootcamp | UK bootcamp


ENHANCEMICROALGAE – High added-value industrial opportunities for microalgae in the Atlantic Area

Decision support tool: Enhancing Microalgal Production – Constructing Decision Support Tools Using System Dynamics Modelling

Database: Stakeholders database

Marketplace: High Added-Value Industrial Opportunities for Microalgae in Atlantic Area

Publications: Microalgae Strain Catalogue

Analysis of scientific research driving microalgae market opportunities (2020)

Bibliometric report – Most studied microalgae in Europe (2019)

Enhancing the food value of microalgae (2019)

Comic: Microalgae: The Hidden World

FAN-BEST - Funding Atlantic network

for blue economy technology transfer

Stock Market

Stakeholder mapping

Video: Presentation of Interreg Atlantic Area FANBEST

Publication: Identification of the financial needs to propel innovation in Blue Economy in Atlantic Regions (2020)

iFADO – Innovation in the Framework of the Atlantic Deep Ocean

Case Study: The Surveillamp Project

Good Practices:

Best practice guide for marine stakeholders’ involvement

A pre-commercial Procurement on Earth Observation Services

An Offshore Test Platform for Research and Industry

Supported scientific papers:

Toward the Integrated Marine Debris Observing System (2019)

Decadal Changes in Temperature and Salinity of Central Waters of Western Iberia (2019)

Validation of the 3D-MOHID Hydrodynamic Model for the Tagus Coastal Area (2019)

Accuracy Assessment of Primacy Production Models with and without Photoinhibition Using Ocean-Colour Climate Change Initiative Data in the North East Atlantic Ocean (2018)

Application of Matrix Scoring Techniques to evaluate marine debris sources in the remote islands of the Azores Archipelago (2019)


PLOCAN glider completed a three-month mission between Portugal and Canary archipelago (02.2020-05.2020)

After two months of operation in Macaronesia waters, the Wave Glider mission was successfully completed (2019-2020)

A second glider mission is being carried out (2019)

Glider launched in the North Atlantic (2019)

iFADO partner co-led the DY103 campaign (06.2019-07.2019)

Glider mission between Gran Canaria and Madeira Archipelagos (2018)

Sampling trip bring together iFADO partners in Madeira (2018)

IN 4.0 – Adaptation of Industry 4.0 model to the naval sector

Most relevant results available on the webpage

Academic paper: Digitalisation in the UK maritime sector: a stakeholders’ pulse check (2019)

Youtube channel

Video: Innovation at the Heart of the Naval industry (2019)

KETMARITIME – Transfer of Key Enabling Technologies to the maritime industries

Case studies:

Advanced Manufacturing Shipbuilding Applications

Nanotechnology Marine Applications

Marine Industrial Biotechnology

Photonic Marine Applications

MEMS (Micro Electomechanical Systems) Marine Applications


Deploying and future opportunities for key enabling technologies in maritime industry (2019)

The current deployment and future opportunities for key enabling technologies in maritime industry (2019)

KETmaritime stakeholder survey results (identification of their needs regarding Key Enabling Technologies) (2019)

Capitalisation: blue growth and projects and how these map onto the Ket ecosystem (09.2018)

NEUROATLANTIC - An Atlantic innovation

platform on diagnosis and treatment of

neurological diseases and aging

Research publication: Plasminogen Activatir Inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) deficiency predisposes to depression and resistance to treatments (2019)
PROTOATLANTIC – Development and validation of a program for the prototyping and exploitation of innovative ideas

Start-up Acceleration & Monitoring program focused on European Blue Growth

Online enrolment platform: Fast Tracked Product Development

SAFER – Smart Atlantic Seafood Clusters

Capabilities and services offered by the SAFER project partners

Videos: Lough Foyle Oyster | Meet SAFER project planer Pole Mer Bretagne Atlantique | Interactive map of project services

Pilots, a testbed for innovation in the seafood industry:

Digital app for oyster harvesting inspection (UK)

Manufacturing production control system (France)

Manufacturing production control system (Ireland)

Manufacturing production control system (Portugal)

Oyster farm environmental condition monitoring (UK)

Process for marine water treatment (Spain)

SEAFOOD-AGE - Smart and eco-innovative

seafood processes and products for healthy ageing     

1 new ready-to-eat seafood product for the older >65 using principles of circular economy

2 tastings organised (more than 60 older people)

2 eco-innovative packaging solutions using algae as raw materials

1 smart label which is able to track and forecast temperature throughout the food chain

3 demonstrations at the industry: production of ingredients, production of RTE meal and production of packages

SEATRACES – Smart traceability and labelling toolbox for a sustainable seafood production


47 Videos about seafood labelling and traceability

2 Conferences: ISLAS 2021 and Atlantic Exhibition

Network tool for experts

Consumers webinar


4 SOPs for mussel species identification, Octopus vulgaris authentication, Bluefin tuna authentication and crustacean species identification;

3 Validated methods mussel species identification, Octopus vulgaris authentication and crustacean species identification, FAST-FISH ID method

2 portable DNA-based methods: RPA-LFA for Octopus vulgaris and Bluefin tuna (T. thynnus)

Support to control laboratories:

FISH-FIT online tool to provide specific methodological support to control labs

2 international advanced courses organised: and


1 RFID tag system tested and implemented for internal traceability of oyster farms (Setubal, Portugal)

1 blockchain traceability system for Bluefin tuna artisanal fisheries (Tarifa, Spain)

Research articles:

Cassostrea gigas or Cassostrea angulata? (2019)

Tuna labels matter in Europe: mislabelling rates in different tuna products (2018)

Generic names and mislabelling conceal high species diversity in global fisheries markets (2018)

Tralo rastro dos produtos do mar (2018)

USER-FACTOR – Design for user-driven innovation

Pilot programmes: Design for Business – Portugal (SPI)

Innovation support – The Innovation Lab in Northern Ireland

Scottish Enterprise by Design Programme

Design Factory (Factoria de Diseno, FdD)

Cardiff Market Service Design Programme (2019)

Report – Cardiff Market – Service Design Project (2019)

User-Factor – Design support programs good practices (2019)

Research report: By Design - Grant evaluation

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