Projects 14-20

Projects approved Call-2

List of projects approved under the second call (Excel file)


Innovation & Competitiveness

ACCESS2SEA - New opportunities for more competitive and sustainable blue growth in Atlantic Area 

AHFES - A quadruple helix Atlantic Area healthy food ecosystem for growth of SMEs

AT-VIRTUAL - Open innovation to improve response in maritime security and safety in the Atlantic Area

BODAH - Big and Open Data for the development of new processes towards Atlantic heritage management

EMPORIA4KT - Empower academia for knowledge transfer for value creation in the Atlantic Area

FAN-BEST - Funding Atlantic network for blue economy technology transfer

NEUROATLANTIC - An Atlantic innovation platform on diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases and aging

SEAFOOD-AGE - Smart and eco-innovative seafood processes and products for healthy ageing            

Resource Efficiency

BLUE-GIFT - Blue growth and innovation fast tracked

CircularSeas - Turning ocean plastic waste into green products for maritime industries

DURABLE - Maintenance drones and robots to enhance renewable energy systems in the Atlantic Area

EERES4WATER  - Promoting energy-water nexus resource efficiency through renewable energy and energy efficiency

NEPTUNUS - Water-Energy-Seafood nexus: eco-innovation and circular economy strategies in the Atlantic Area

PORTOS - Ports towards energy self-sufficiency

Territorial Risks

AA-FLOODS - Enhanced prevention, warning, coordination and emergency management tools for floods at local scales

AGEO - Platform for Atlantic Geohazard Risk Management

AGRITOX - Prevention and mitigation of the mycotoxin contamination of food and feed caused by climate change

NANOCULTURE - Risk assessment and mitigation of the presence of engineered Nanomaterials in Atlantic aquaculture

SIRMA - Strengthening infrastructure risk management in the Atlantic Area

TRIPLE-C - Capitalising climate change projects in risk management for a better Atlantic Area resilience

Biodiversity, natural and cultural assets

ATLANTICCULTURESCAPE - Intangible cultural heritage inspired by designated land and seascapes in the Atlantic Area

ATLANTIC-POSITIVE - Conservation of Atlantic pollination services and control of the invasive species Vespa velutina

CABFISHMAN - Conserving Atlantic biodiversity by supporting innovative small scale fisheries co-management

DIADES - Assessing and enhancing ecosystem services provided by diadromous fish in a climate change context

JONAS - Joint framework for Ocean noise in the Atlantic seas

TIDE - Atlantic network for developing historical maritime tourism

TRAILGAZERSBID - An analytical & technical framework to measure returns from trail investment