European Week of Cities and Regions 2018

8-11 October 2018, Brussels

On the occasion of the European Week of Regions and Cities 2018 from 8-11 October in Brussels, the Interreg transnational cooperation programmes jointly organised an exhibition at the AGORA hall, featuring the 10 reasons why transnational and interregional cooperation is necessary for a strong Europe.  

The Interreg Atlantic Area programme was part of this “celebration” by participating on the #MadeWithInterreg exhibition, “a journey into transnational cooperation” to showcase how transnational cooperation strengthens EU cohesion by providing tangible benefits and telling how they are making a difference for the regions and cities.

The Atlantic Area project CleanAtlantic also participated on this exhibition to raise awareness about the marine litter problematic in the Atlantic Area and to address the need to improve marine litter managing systems.

Other Atlantic Area projects were also presented during this event - AYCH, MMIAH and ATLASWH were presented as good examples of cultural heritage cooperation projects during the official presentation of Interact E-Book "Connecting Cultures, Connected Citizens", on the session Coop Cult and Succeed - EYCH2018. This publication aims to present inspiring examples of Interreg cultural heritage projects in the framework of the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage.

Other transnational cooperation events were be held during this 4-days:

- RegioStars ceremony with 2 Interreg projects on the run as finalists: SUDOE project ClimACT and DANUBE project Iron-Age-Danube

- Interreg talks - 6 projects, one slam: highlight to 6 outstanding Interreg transnational projects, organised by Interact.

- Idea lab on the future of transnational Interreg cooperation:  this session used World Café style discussions to generate ideas how transnational cooperation can be further developed to benefit European cohesion, improving the lives of European citizens, organised by Central Europe.

You cand read here a sumamry of the participation of Transnational Programmes at the European Week of Cities and Regions: