Sell Fish Markets
Reinvigorating income and hope in small scale fishing communities 2016-05-23 14:35:31
Promotion of Small-Scale, Artisanal Fishing Cultures
- Higher Income for Fishing Communities
- Safety in Fishing
- Women in Fishing
- Youth engagement

Collaborations between ultra-peripheral islands (Azores, Madeira, Canaries) and small-scale fishing communities which are working toward increasing the value of the catch and the image/value of the culture of the communities in order to re-invigorate the economies based on their identities as small-scale fishers.

Through exchanges between areas of similar geographic or socio-economic challenges, we aim to increase the guaranteed income to fishing communities (fishers-selling fish, aquaculture, other fish-based products). Feasibility plans, and business plans as well as fully operating entities will be outcomes of the project. Transnational trading networks/cooperatives will also be developed.

Activities will be developed with inclusive participation and creative facilitation which will also result in creative outputs such as museum exhibitions promoting local cultures and transcultural exchange. These creative processes and outcomes will be used to add local perspectives to education curriculum as well as develop appropriate tourism opportunities.

Research components include studying the processes to ensure equity and long-term sustainability.
Lead partner
Centre for Social Studies, CES » Portugal

Cooperativa de Economia Solidária Pescadores da Ribeira Quente, CESPRQ »

Cooperativa Porto de Abrigo »

Descalças - Cooperativa Cultural »

Ilhas em Rede »

UMAR-Açores »

Universidade da Coruña » Spain

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  • France
  • Portugal
  • Spain


  • Açores
  • Bretagne
  • Galicia
  • Islas Canarias
  • Madeira
Contact person
Alison Neilson
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