Natural hazards at port areas 2016-05-22 12:02:02
This project aims at coping with natural hazards at the port areas of the Atlantic insular regions. These are especially vulnerable areas to climate changes that lead to an increase of the frequency and intensity of storms which hamper the regular movement of goods and people to/from these

The main objective is to reduce the vulnerability of these key infrastructures and increase their response capacity to emergency situations. From this work a risk management system to cope with the occurrence of extreme natural events, namely sea waves, wind and floods will be developed.

The hazards to be considered are the integrity of the port structures, wave overtopping and flooding of port areas, navigation and port operations. Such system will build on previous actions by the team members on early warning systems and it will in enhance aspects related to mapping, risk assessment and emergency plans. The system will reflect the special characteristics of the Atlantic islands. There will be a case study in a port still to be defined and it is expected that the system will be easily tailored to other Atlantic islands.
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Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil » Portugal

Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria » Spain

Universidade dos Acores » Portugal

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Conceicao Juana Fortes
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