Coastal Atlantic tourism and strenght of the local economy through new bussines developments 2016-05-18 11:56:08
“CATTLE” aims the development of "product clubs" in the environment of the Atlantic coastal economy, with its own brand linked to job creation, especially in relation to the supply of local quality services to visitors, in the fields of leisure and gastronomy.

Specifically, we want to enable the creation of product clubs that revolve around the following basis:
- Product Club "Cheese Route"
- Product Club "Ecotourism"
- Product Club "Nautic"
- Product Club 'MICE'
- Product Club "Starlight"
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Patronato de Turismo de Fuerteventura » España
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Organization types:

  • Organizaciones públicas regionales
  • Organizaciones públicas locales
  • Empresas públicas
  • Organizaciones público-privadas
  • Universidades y enseño superior
  • Organizaciones de investigación e innovación
  • Organisations d'éducation et formation
  • Organizaciones de la sociedad civil y tercer sector
  • Asociación e redes empresariales
  • Pequeñas e medias empresas
  • Grandes empresas


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  • Irlanda
  • Portugal
  • Reino Unido
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Moisés Jorge Naranjo
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