Land Registry to an integrated management of the territory 2016-05-11 09:30:03
The pilot project LAND aims to achieved 100% of land registry (boundary drawing/topographic), enabling an integrated and efficient management of the territory.
The work will consist in the register, survey and characterisation of all properties, urban and rural, identifying their boundaries, owners and the definition of a set of attributes.
The outcome will be a multifunctional, systematic and rigorous methodology, a geodatabase and a website (planning tool/maps).
If the Land Registry in your City Council is partly done, take this opportunity to finish it.

The pilot projet LAND is innovative due to its goal of achieving 100% land registry.
In the first stage, using the traditional mechanism of owners cooperation in the definition of properties (boundaries), as defined by national institutions.
In the second phase, developing a new mechanism, supported by new technologies, using the most recent orthophotomaps, crossing data from various sources, talking to neighbors, and above all as a dynamic and proactive attitude of going to the field to make a survey of properties not claimed.
The abandoned lands / buildings are at the heart of the problem, represent the greatest difficulties of identification/delimitation and which is urgent to act.
Lead partner
CIMLT - Comunidade Intermunicipal da Lezíria do Tejo » Portugal

CICS.NOVA Universidade Nova de Lisboa » Portugal

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Alexandra Machado
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