enBLUEnet: blue renewable energy network 2016-05-13 08:44:26
enBLUEnet general objective is to perform a systemic approach to support Marine Renewable Energies (MRE) development in the ATLANTIC area, taking into consideration both hindrances and potentials as far as legislative, environmental, technological and socio-economic aspects are concerned. enBLUEnet in particular aims:

• To promote blue energy as key sector for sustainable growth
• To increase regional cohesion shortening the north-south gap based on knowledge and technological transfer
• To foster transnational innovative clusters thanks to cooperation among public authorities, researchers, businesses and citizenship across Blue Energy Labs (BEL)
• To adapt institutional and technical environment to enable favourable conditions for local blue renewable energy, enhancing innovation capacities and competitiveness by patterns and policies
• To generate critical mass through pilot projects, as test-beds for demonstrations
• To enhance social acceptability and involvement of communities in offshore renewable energies, addressing specific methodologies

enBLUEnet impact on current situation will affect the physical, legal, technological, economic and social context of the regions involved, as far as is expected: to increase initiatives and operating plants, investment, technological innovation, SMEs and job creation; to improve knowledge transfer and citizenship acceptance; to diversify renewable energy sources and energy mix; to lower carbon footprint and marine ecosystems.
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FAMP - Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces » Spain
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gonzalo cantos mateos
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