A digital window into Past Population’s burial sites and archaeological works 2016-05-14 10:13:58
The NecroPolis Project aims to promote ancient necropolis located in the Atlantic coastal area on which archaeological and anthropological field work and research was carried out due to their strategic importance as realities and sociocultural expressions of unsurmountable value to further our knowledge about Past Populations.

We propose to increase the sustainability and the community engagement of heritage funerary sites, in what concerns their management, research and outreach, through an integrated approach between tourism, archaeology and digital technologies.

This project intends to use digital technologies to enable access to currently inaccessible sites and offer a window into the “hidden past”, involving the community with its own local heritage, as well as means for promoting job creation and training opportunities – bridging between a local and global scope
The basis of our project will be the archaeological archives, using them to create a set of sites/routes (that could be viewed digitally – i.e. on-site/ web apps)
This project will:
- bring the information back from the archives to a wider audience
- Increase the accessibility of these sites (unpreserved; conditioned access; global viewing; disabled)
- Improve methodologies and best practices concerning funerary sites and archaeological archives
- Fill a void in an emerging market within the tourism industry through the development of new tools and technical skills.
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DGPC » Portugal

Asociación Innovalia » Spain

Superact » United Kingdom

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  • France
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Filipa Neto
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