Network of rural platforms in the territory of the Atlantic Area 2016-05-13 11:54:00
Although under various threats, in the multicultural territory of the Atlantic Area are identified localities that still preserve a significant rurality and naturalness, which is associated with an important historical and cultural heritage. Often, from these, arise indigenous resources and traditional products with high economic potential, which historically have been abandoned or currently are underutilized. What, definitively, contributes to the demographic crisis that occurs there.
In recent decades, in these territories have been deployed several public places, infrastructure and public facilities, related with social, economic, tourist, recreational and sports activities.
However, most often, these resources are underutilized, do not have scale, showing no locally and regionally integration.
Thus, in strategic locations, which in their surroundings bring together different of these capabilities, it is intended to create rural platforms, fixing residents and attract visitors and economic activities, together with the conservation and enhancement of natural assets and cultural heritage.
The platforms should include a multivalent public space (corporate management) for exhibition and sale of local and regional products, accomplish artistic and cultural activities, support for tourism and leisure activities, among other uses.
It is projected to create a network of these rural platforms in the Atlantic Area, establishing joint programs and itinerary.
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