Incubating and Accelerating Innovation in ATLANTIC Area 2016-04-22 08:06:24
EMPRENDALIA aims at supporting companies and entrepreneurs from Atlantic Area in three key issues: innovation + financing + internationalisation, by providing them with technology and knowledge needed to improve their competitiveness.

The project will create a collaborative space to bring together entrepreneurs with innovative ideas (EMPRENDALIA Incubator) and companies with growth potential (EMPRENDALIA Accelerator), generating collaborative opportunities and synergies between them.
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Spanish Regional Authority » España
business development and innovation
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  • Organizaciones públicas nacionales
  • Organizaciones públicas regionales
  • Organizaciones públicas locales
  • Empresas públicas
  • Organizaciones público-privadas
  • Universidades y enseño superior
  • Organizaciones de investigación e innovación
  • Asociación e redes empresariales
  • Pequeñas e medias empresas
  • Grandes empresas
  • Organizaciones transfronterizas
  • Organizaciones transnacionales
  • Organizaciones internacionales


  • España
  • Francia
  • Irlanda
  • Portugal
  • Reino Unido
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María Atienza
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