Valorization of the wine Atlantic heritage 2016-05-18 11:47:52
The main objective is to stimulate economic activity in regions linked to wine tourism in Atlantic regiones with a broad wine tradition.

Among the specific objectives we can mention:

- Diversifying economic activities of the wine sector through the promotion of wine tourism and internationalization of its products.

- Improving knowledge of the potential offered for economic development by recognized wine brand-names and denominations of origin in the participating territories.

- Promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in the sector through training activities and transfer of scientific and technical information to the wine sector.

- Promoting a cultural change towards intersectoral cooperation, training of industry stakeholders and the change in business model.

- Strengthening territorial, historical and cultural values (protection of traditional landscapes of vineyards as cultural heritage), to promote the enhancement of rural areas and environmental conservation.
Lead partner
Jerez City Council » Spain
Employment Delegation
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Guadalupe Montalvo
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