Reestablishing continuity for migratory and stream fish and fighting invasive alien species 2016-04-07 16:51:34
The project objectives are:
1. To reestablish ecological continuity along atlantic streams/rivers, by removing obstacles and/or setting up naturalized fish passages, allowing for the growth of populations of migratory and inland water fish (with a focus on lamprey and trout);
2. To control invasive alien flora along river/stream riparian corridors, allowing for a wider aquatic/terrestrial habitat improvement;
3. To foster recreational fishing as a support for additional conservation and protection of biodiversity;
4. In a wider context, to develop and foster the use of IT (namely apps, by fishermen), under a citizen science perspective, to allow for identification of obstacles, priorities for intervention and for monitoring the success of the implemented works.

We have a pilot intervention area established in Portugal, for which the three public authorities in charge of management are engaged. Also, a major research team in this subject works will be involved. We would like to find identical partners for other geographical territories of the Atlantic Area.
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Municipality » Portugal
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  • Local public organisation
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Luis Jordao
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